My Comment on “Sison and delusional communists are demanding what the Republic can never give”

Sison and delusional communists are demanding what the Republic can never give

Sison’s remote-controlled communist insurgency has dragged on for almost 50 years not really because we haven’t gotten rid of abusive governments but because the people do not support it. The former UP professor, adored like a saint by the so-called “makabayan bloc” of our society, has failed to build an informed mass base which is most crucial to ideological propagation. The reality is: the great majority of Filipinos (you may want to think of Duterte’s share of 16 million) do not support, nor recognize the communist revolution, no matter how much theorizing they do about it in the left-leaning corridors of the academe. In fact, his minions’ arrogant brand of “nationalism” antagonizes many. It is a misplaced one for me. Sison and the so-called leftists do not own nationalism. The notion is insulting to me and the many other Filipino nationalists outside their camp. Nevertheless, even in the absence of an abusive government and the capitalists, even without huge support from the people, the communists here will thrive like a religious cult, assured of the promises of national salvation and the coming of their savior, Joma Sison.

My Comment on the Rise of DDS Bloggers

What does the rise of Mocha Uson, RJ Nieto and Sass Rogando Sasot mean to us? Who are they, by the way? They are not your usual resource persons as defined by the elitist academe, the media and the Church. They have risen to become effective communicators by simply being the persons we can identify with. The same thing can be said of the president who has given a face to the government that we can all recognize to be of the people, by the people and for the people. The support they gain from Filipinos worldwide is a clear victory for the masses and a serious blow to every established notion of “authority” or anything that dictates who the people should listen to.

My comment on “Oligarch-controlled mainstream media vs cyber journalists”

Oligarch-controlled mainstream media vs cyber journalists

It was Roque’s own mistake, by the way, when he said he would throw hollow blocks and adobe at them (critics) in one interview by Mocha Uson. But I don’t think Harry Roque must really be “combative” of these oligarch-controlled media outfits with all their flaws. He is not there to teach them a lesson, which is a misinterpretation by PRRD-allied bloggers. The nature of his job is to primarily deal with them. It will not also be good for his office and the President if he would be perceived as antagonistic of media and generally, of the critics of government. Outside this issue, I think the spokesperson is doing fine in fine-tuning the information relayed to the mainstream media. It is still too early. Let us not be carried away by emotions and give Roque a chance to do his job based on his own judgment, given his background as a lawyer, professor and politician.

No Reklamo, No Problemo

I’ve just validated from a recent chat with some councilors (and the vice mayor earlier in this administration) that all those FB posts talking about our environment will not be picked up by them or any of our elected officials. If you noticed a problem or something bad happening in …

Ang Kalayaang Magpahayag

Tapos ako ng kursong pamamahayag, at aaminin kong wala akong nakamit na anumang katangi-tangi kaugnay nito. Gayunman, isang disiplinang natutuhan ko mula rito na gamitin ang tunay kong pangalan sa anumang sinulat ko. Sa loob ng mahigit dalawang dekada, wala akong ipinahayag tungkol sa aking bayan na hindi ko inako …

Ang Kahulugan ng Pagkakaisa

Ano bang sinasabi mong hinahati ni Duterte ang bansang ito? Nang mag-umpisa siyang mamuno, hindi pa naman tayo naging buo. Kasi, magmula noon, hindi ka pa rin sumusuko. Nalimutan mo na bang nanalo siya sa demokratikong eleksyon? Kaya makatwiran lang at legal ang aming pagsuporta sa kanyang administrasyon. Ayaw mong …

A Prayer for Duterte

While we ask the government for redress of our grievances, we the people (including Church leaders) must not join the partisanship of those whose obvious aim is to topple either the elected leadership or the government, and replace it with their own beast they can control. When I chose to support President Duterte, who came to power not by a people power revolution, nor by ousting an incumbent leader (or trying a coup like you know who), I began to realize that people must work with their leaders, desiring not their downfall but their success (yes, even if you dislike them). There are many occasions that our voices will not be heard, our problems unresolved, but the law provides for the only peaceful means to change our leaders, which is through election (also through impeachment and maybe, through “prayer”). That’s why it’s very important that we take our right of suffrage seriously. Don’t sell it–it’s priceless! The way democracy works isn’t perfect like Duterte, but no, not true at all that we are led by a tyrant (c’mon, you can still rally and shout insults; as US Sen. Gardner said, “This is not North Korea”), and like many ordinary Filipinos, as misinformed as we are to you, other worlds come to mind and I’m not convinced of a better alternative. At least in this realm, it is not a crime to fancy about higher beings and pray. Always pray and do not lose heart (Luke 18:1). Pray for the President. Pray for the nation.

Masa Laban sa Institusyon: Demolisyong Risa at Bam

Tila naitakda na ang papel ng bawat isa sa destabilisasyong pinangungunahan ng minorya. Noong una, parang tandem lang ito nina Senador Trillanes at De Lima. Pero nang makulong ang huli, naging tambalang Trillanes-Hontiveros sa Senado  na katuktok naman ng Lagman-Alejano sa mababang kapulungan. Sa lahat ng nasasaksihan natin, swabe at …

Masa Laban sa Institusyon: Si Antonio Trillanes

Si Antonio Trillanes mismo ang nagsabi sa isang panayam na ang maghapong kudeta na tinaguriang “Oakwood mutiny” noong Hulyo 27, 2003 (kasama ang Manila Peninsula siege noong 2007) ang natatangi at pinakamahalaga niyang nagawa sa kanyang buhay. Kahit pa nga tinawag itong “pathetic” ng host ng BBC Hardtalk, Stephen Sackur, …

Masa Laban sa Institusyon: Bastos Versus Disente

Nakatutuwang nakaiinis ang nangyayari ngayon sa bansa. Nakatutuwa dahil malinaw nating nakikita ngayon na ang dating dominanteng grupo na naghari-harian noon sa ating mga institusyon ay isa na lamang maingay na minorya. Maingay, dahil sila pa rin naman ang mga kinikilalang “awtoridad” sa larangan ng politika, edukasyon, sining at kultura, …