My Comment on the Rise of DDS Bloggers

What does the rise of Mocha Uson, RJ Nieto and Sass Rogando Sasot mean to us? Who are they, by the way? They are not your usual resource persons as defined by the elitist academe, the media and the Church. They have risen to become effective communicators by simply being the persons we can identify with. The same thing can be said of the president who has given a face to the government that we can all recognize to be of the people, by the people and for the people. The support they gain from Filipinos worldwide is a clear victory for the masses and a serious blow to every established notion of “authority” or anything that dictates who the people should listen to.

My comment on Oligarch-controlled mainstream media vs cyber journalists

Oligarch-controlled mainstream media vs cyber journalists

It was Roque’s own mistake, by the way, when he said he would throw hollow blocks and adobe at them (critics) in one interview by Mocha Uson. But I don’t think Harry Roque must really be “combative” of these oligarch-controlled media outfits with all their flaws. He is not there to teach them a lesson, which is a misinterpretation by PRRD-allied bloggers. The nature of his job is to primarily deal with them. It will not also be good for his office and the President if he would be perceived as antagonistic of media and generally, of the critics of government. Outside this issue, I think the spokesperson is doing fine in fine-tuning the information relayed to the mainstream media. It is still too early. Let us not be carried away by emotions and give Roque a chance to do his job based on his own judgment, given his background as a lawyer, professor and politician.