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Amado V. Hernandez (September 13, 1903-March 24, 1970) was a poet, playwright and novelist, who practiced "committed art." In his view, the function of the writer is to act as the conscience of society and to affirm the greatness of human spirit in the face of inequity and oppression. His novel Mga Ibong Mandaragit, first written while in prison, is the first Filipino socio-political novel that exposes the ills of the society as evident in the agrarian problems of the 1950s. Other works include Bayang MalayaIsang Dipang LangitLuha ng BuwayaAmado V. Hernandez: Tudla at Tudling: Katipunan ng Mga Nalathalang Tula 1921-1970Langaw sa Isang Basong Gatas at Iba Pang Kuwento ni Amado V. Hernandez. He was declared National Artist in 1973. (Agung, March-June 2015)

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